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HPV: It Only Takes One

HPV: It Only Takes One

A new study of university students shows that even with just one partner women have a high risk of HPV infection. Hence the importance of getting the HPV vaccine before becoming sexually active and considering condoms as compulsory, even if you happen to be on hormonal birth control. According to the study, “Nearly one-third of women who reported having ever had only one male sexual partner were infected with an HPV within a year of starting that sexual relationship. Three years into those partnerships, nearly 50% of the women had been infected at least once, despite the fact they'd still only had a single sexual partner.”

One of the strong findings to come out of this research was “that the more partners the woman's male partner had had, the greater the chance that she got infected with the HPV virus.”

Bottom line: don't depend on luck, because the odds don't look good!
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