Mostly these days I'm writing and trying to stay away from Internet distractions and also, like, limit my attempts to catch up to the current season of Nashville to a couple of episodes a week!

But I didn't want to let too much time go by before posting a link to the second part of the"Kid Lit Can conversation with Susan Hughes: Sex, and drugs, and rock and roll: Writing edgy YA" that went up last week. Canadian YA writers Cheryl Rainfield, Don Aker and I talk about our writing processes, the challenges of writing for teenagers and other things.

Find it here:

Kid Lit Can Q & A at Open Book Toronto

Also, I'm slowly, slowly beginning to roll out new covers for a bunch of my books. If you buy a Kindle copy of I Know It's Over, One Lonely Degree, The Lighter Side of Life and Death, My Beating Teenage Heart, Yesterday or Tomorrow from they'll now look as you see below. This change will also come into effect globally for all Kindle copies of Tomorrow within the next couple of days and ePub copies shortly after that.

I'm in the process of having my North American rights reverted (not a speedy process, by any means!) and when that happens new Kindle, ePub and paperback copies will also appear as you see below. I hope you like them! Just about one of my favourite things is tinkering around with cover designs and I pored over these for hours and hours. In a timed challenge like Face Off I would probably never get a make-up completed!

But now without further ado:

Once my rights for Yesterday have been reverted I'll also be releasing a paperback bind-up version of Yesterday and Tomorrow. Here's the cover for the upcoming bind-up:

Canadian YA writers Cheryl Rainfield, Don Aker and me. - See more at:
Canadian YA writers Cheryl Rainfield, Don Aker and me. - See more at:
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