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For those of you in the Canada or U.S. I hope you're finding ways to stay cool during these crazy heat dome days. And for those of you who love the Toronto Public Library and want Toronto City Council to keep their hands off it, please go sign the Our Public Library petition pronto!
Why is it that you're never more deeply in love with your WIP than the moment a revision letter for another book arrives to tear you away from it. Why?

See you at the end of August when the deadline is behind me, WIP. See you at the end of August, Internet!
I wanted to send some sort of electronic post-card from 1981 but of course since there was no Internet that wasn't possible. I did end up getting some snaps taken with a couple of my favourite bands from that time. Simon Le Bon looks so serious in this picture but he was really charming and funny (hence the fact that I couldn't stop smiling although the members of Duran Duran were obviously trying to exude a more sombre attitude here). Andy Taylor was rocking the Andy Warhol look.
C.K. and Duran Duran, 1981

You can see that I got into the spirit of Antmusic for my photo with Adam and the Ants. I admit I got kind of attached to the swashbuckling highway man look and walked around with my silk sash on for the rest of the day. Also, Adam humoured me by teaching me the Prince Charming dance and didn't even complain when I sang him my favourite line from Car Trouble in an embarrassingly off-key voice: “You don't need anything after an icecream.”

C.K. and Adam and the Ants, 1981

It was a fabulous trip and I highly recommend 1981 as a vacation destination. I wish I had more time to talk about it but I have to get down to editing here. I hope all my fellow Canadians had a most excellent Canada Day!

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