I Know It's Over current cover

Today is the 15th anniversary of the release of my first book, I Know It's Over. To celebrate I've designed and released a fresh cover and put e-copies on sale for $1.99 U.S. (or equivalent in other currencies) at Apple, B&N, Kobo, Amazon and Google until October 15th.

If I Know It's Over was set in Ontario, Canada today Sasha would likely seek a prescription for Mifegymiso, undergoing a medical abortion rather than a surgical one. At the time I wrote I Know It's Over sadly this option was not available to Canadian girls and women.

However, there are no laws restricting or criminalizing abortion in Canada and it's a publicly funded procedure in most provinces. You can read more about that here:


And if you want to learn more about accessing abortion pills, which was approved in Canada in 2015, please see the below resource:


Included here are previous covers for I Know It's Over, including the Bulgarian edition which was named "Ще си останем приятели, нали?" This translates as "We'll stay friends, right?" 

I Know It's Over past covers


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