This week and into next the DELICATE blog tour rolls on. There have been some fantastic tour stops already. Thank you and Liz, Jenn and Amanda for your insightful reviewsthey made last week such a good one! You can read their thoughts here:

• Midnight Bloom Reads

• Lost in a  Great Book

• Brains, Books, and Brawn

Tomorrow Michelle Lynne will be posting her musings about Delicate on

Musings of a Writer. I’ll also be over at

• Bookshipper, being interviewed by the wonderful Tina Avon so if you want to learn more about what makes me, and/or Delicate, tick please drop in to their blogs.

I'll link to additional blog tour stops here as they go up. (Updated December 4th):

The Book Wars: guest post on teen dating violence

•  Books at Dawn review

  Bookish Notions: guest post on putting characters in the driver's seat

Finally, I want to remind anyone who resides in Canada and is interested in contemporary young adult novels to enter the DELICATE Goodreads giveaway.

The Canadian Goodreads giveaway for DELICATE opens November 24th, so if you'd like to know about Ivy and Lucan, and their respective and combined togetherness, you should head over there to enter. In Canada you can also pick up or order paperback copies now. E-books should be available later in the month with the U.S. release date of DELICATE set for May 16th.

The Delicate blog tour will also be happening très soon, but in the meantime I wanted to post some more photos of the stone messages from the rocky beach in Oakville. The below were taken earlier in November and are all different from the messages I captured in October. This time around I noticed someone had gathered many of the stone messages about love together with a few others mixed in. Guess which is my favourite!

But first, some Oakville fall colours.

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