Given the current Senate scandal I felt compelled to drag this image I created back in May, 2008 back onto the blog. Let's face it, the photo's been applicable countless times since Stephen Harper became Prime Minister in 2006. But since a recent poll shows 40% of Canadians surveyed believe Senator Mike Duffy’s story while only 18% believe Steve-o's version (and 37% don't believe either of them), the picture seems especially apt at the moment.
Pinocchio Harper gives the thumbs up

Happy Halloween, Steve-o! Can I suggest drowning your dirty politican woes in a tub of Mars bars this evening? And maybe find a mask that can cover up that telltale honker, at least for tonight.

Back in May I was thrilled to read and blurb Gina Linko's second book, Indigo. Now that it's out (Happy release day, Gina & Indigo!) - I want to take the opportunity to gush about it, starting with the blurb I wrote last spring:

"Gina Linko has the touch. Indigo is a compelling mixture of vulnerability and mysticism with a lush romantic core. Readers will connect with Corrine's emotional journey and relish the magnetic scenes between Corrine and Rennick."
Indigo by Gina Linko

When Corrine moves to New Orleans with her family after the death of her young sister, she brings with her a heavy guilt that has her "quarantining" herself so that she won't hurt anyone else. She knows...or thinks she knows...that it was her other-worldly, electrically charged touch that accidentally killed Sophie after her fall. The trouble is that it's not so easy to shut out the world.

Corrine's drawn into new friendships, even as a big part of her wants to recoil. New Orleans, a land of mystery and magic, is the perfect setting for Corrine to grapple with the blue light—the current—that surges through her at times. Is it a coincidence or is it Corrine's presence that stops her friend Mia-Joy's insulin pump from working? And how she can draw images of people she's never met simply from listening to taped interviews with local senior citizens her mother has been recording ?

The unfolding mystery is rich like dark chocolate, wonderfully written with a varied cast of well-drawn characters, both major and minor. I will admit a special fondness for Rennick, who is both full of curiosity about Corrine and full of his own mysteries. The slow-burning romance between the two seamlessly blends Corrine's emotional state with her exploration of her powers.

Indigo contains enough realism and depth that it will appeal to readers who aren't ordinarily keen on books with paranormal elements as well as diehard fans of the genre. I'm betting it will win Gina Linko a whole new crowd of readers. You can pick Indigo up in bookstores and from internet retailers today.

Watch the trailer:

Excerpt from Chapter 5:

"You listen to me," he said gruffly, pointing at me. "I'm going to knock on that door and wake up your parents, tell them I found you ready to hop a train, if you don't give me a few minutes here." He looked at me hard, threatening me, although I could see the apology in the shake of his head. But it was what it was.

I knew he would knock on the door. I knew he would, so I just gritted my teeth. "Tell me what you know."

I met his eyes briefly. The moon was low in the sky, a tiny crescent, a thumbnail, as Sophie used to say. It was an inky night, with very little light, especially in the back of my house, next to the hydrangeas and the electric meter. And, of course, right beneath the window of my parents' bedroom.

I listened to the hum of the crickets and toads as Rennick gathered himself. He rubbed his hand across his forehead nervously, and he started to say something twice but stopped himself again. I softened toward him for a second when I realized exactly when he seemed so different from anyone else in New Orleans. It was because he treated me normally. Like people did back in Chicago, back before everything. Easy. Normal. Everyday.

Here in New Orleans, I was not a real person. I was a freak, a weirdo. No one treated me like Corrine. I was a story. The sideways glances. The whispers. I deserved it.
If you're curious about what happened to Freya & Garren after Yesterday, stop by the Tomorrow blog tour running October 7th to 18th for all sorts of info on the book. But Tomorrow also functions as a standalone sci-fi thriller so you can jump straight into the action!

You can now purchase e-copies of Tomorrow from,, and other Amazon stores. Paperbacks are also available from,, various other Amazons and Createspace. Epubs can currently be downloaded from Smashwords. Epubs will also be available from Kobo, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and other outlets within the next couple of weeks (to get the book into these vendors' shops I have to use aggregator Smashwords which is a slightly slower process).

Click the below banner for a chance to win the tour grand prize of signed paperbacks of Tomorrow and Yesterday + a $30 Amazon Gift Card at the Itching for Books blog. One runner-up will also win signed paperback copies of Yesterday and Tomorrow. Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada ONLY but I'm also running a Goodreads contest (draw date is October 10th) that residents of the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada and the U.S. can enter.
Tomorrow Tour: Oct 7 - 18

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Thanks, Shane (Itching for Books), for putting together such a fantastic tour!
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