Someone told me this was up on Publishers Marketplace so it's official: Thai rights for Yesterday have sold to Sanskrit Books! Yaaaay.

It's been a good few months since I first saw the U.S. cover and I've been dying to share ever since. But you know how these things are, top secret until you get the go ahead to share! Now that the cover for Yesterday is up on the Random House site and it's not a secret anymore and I couldn't be more thrilled to post the cover for my next book, due out September 25th.

Yesterday by C. K. Kelly Martin

Since there's no description up along with it I'm afraid I'll have to refrain from blabbing about the book much, but I will say it's set partially in 1985 and there are sci-fi elements. Sci-fi elements and references to The Smiths in the same book! Yes, I have indulged myself a wee bit and I would love to tell you more but for now my lips aresealed.
By now most of you have probably seen The Joy of Books video that bookstore Type (883 Queen Street West) recently created and posted to YouTube. It's an absolutely magical video that you really should watch if you haven't already. However, I can't say the delightful activities captured at Type Books surprise me because I never doubted books (in their superior physical form!) have lives of their own and must admit I have a habit of anthropomorphizing fiction especially.

For instance, just a couple of days ago I discovered the paperback of My Beating Teenage Heart is being released on the same autumn day as my upcoming YA novel, Yesterday: September 25th. To me, this feels like a very happy thing as My Beating Teenage Heart can act as moral support for Yesterday and show it the ropes. The two books can make their way out into the world together, maybe even have some secret adventures and take some road trips out west or something.

I'm hoping I can show off both their covers soonish (My Beating Teenage Heart will be getting a brand new cover for the paperback) and tell you a little bit about Yesterday but for now it's top secret. Well, except for the facts from the Random House site which state the book is 368 pages and falls under the category Juvenile Fiction - Science Fiction. Although Borders in Australia has it listed under the category of historical fiction so who knows, right now the book could be about practically anything! Maybe it's a Paul McCartney bio or a cookbook full of classic Irish recipes? Or a book about Paul McCartney's favourite classic Irish recipes? Or even a futuristic novel centering on a robot revolution and how said robots have been inspired by Paul McCartney's career? In time all will be revealed...
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