This Is What You Do

This Is What You Do

I'm still in Irish mode, not that I need that kind of excuse to listen to Gemma Hayes. I've had This Is What You Do as my profile song on MySpace since before we left for Ireland so I guess it's about time I put it up here. I picked up her new CD, The Hollow of Morning, while I was away and it's very good indeed. I would've loved to have caught her instore appearance at Tower Records in Dublin on the 9th but unfortunately couldn't fit it in with previous plans.

This is the problem with visiting somewhere you used to live. I feel like I'd need months to really get my fill of Ireland—not weeks. Every minute needs to be spent doing something (to maximize time back in town!) which means that moment is no longer available to be spent doing something (no doubt equally enjoyable) else.

The Deep Blue Sea, The  Gate theatreHappily, one thing I did get to do while in Dublin was hit the theatre. The Gate's putting on an incredible production of The Deep Blue Sea at the moment—a Terrence Rattigan classic about a woman who has left her wealthy, influential husband for an ex-RAF pilot who doesn't love her with anywhere near the same passion she loves him. The performances are hugely affecting and anyone in Dublin before the end of the month would do well to pick up tickets. In fact, I'd see it again in a heartbeat if I had the chance but don't take my word for it, read The Guardian review.

Now that I'm thinking about it, one of the lines from This Is What You Do aptly describe Hester's feelings about the love of her life, Freddie, for the majority of the play:

“You never fully leave me but you, you never fully stay.”

Oh, the ache.
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