Spit-take Time

Spit-take Time

Canadian Prime Minister “Stephen Harper praised Canada's environmental record Wednesday during a speech at a UN biodiversity conference in Bonn, Germany.”

Time to give ourselves a big pat on the back, huh? I'm relieved to know that we're doing so fabulously when it comes to our green efforts because some of us may have gotten the wrong idea when Canada squashed the concept that water was a basic human right under its heel, took the teeth out of a Commonwealth climate plan by getting any references to binding targets removed and watched some of its citizens bludgeon baby seals to death.

But hey, you're not allowed to hunt seals until they're 25 days old and who cares that you can see Alberta oil sands excavation sites from space and that “every day as much water is taken from the Athabasca river as would serve a city of a million people”? The world needs our oil and pelts damn it!

Anyhoo, despite all this environmental carnage we're apparently doing just fine. According to Harper, “As the heirs to this natural endowment, we understand that it is merely on loan, passed onto us from previous generations to safeguard for the generations yet to come.”

Yep. We sure are ace up here. We really are. Thanks for the pep talk, Stephen. I feel ever so reassured!

Pinocchio Harper gives the thumbs up
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