Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen played the opening concert of his four date stint in Toronto last night and words just can't express the amount of wonder you feel in the presence of such talent. It was truly a show full of high points (Closing Time, Take This Waltz, Democracy, Bird on a Wire, the list goes on and on) and just when I thought I couldn't possibly be in any more awe he delivered a perfectly transcendent rendition of Hallelujah.

Watching Leonard Cohen perform live is one of those experiences that assure you that, for those two and half hours, you are indeed in the right time and place. All is well with the universe.

As the gig neared its conclusion, and Cohen sang the words, “Goodnight, my darling” a voice called out from several rows behind us, “Don't leave us!” The other 3,000 of us gathered inside the Sony Centre last night couldn't have agreed more.

I haven't seen any June 6th footage on YouTube yet but here's a clip of Closing Time from the St. John's show on May 27th:

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