Archenemy #1: A. artemisifolia

Archenemy #1: A. artemisifolia

No RagweedI don't want to say that I'm losing the battle against Ragweed but it's not going well. And yeah, I know it's not even Ragweed season yet but the pre-seasonal allergy vaccine I've been taking is pretty much kicking my ass. I'm already on a very low dose because my Ragweed allergy is extreme and because of my reactions I might not even be able to continue with that.

My body doesn't want Ragweed anywhere near it and injecting it into my arm isn't increasing its fondness. It's angry—itchy, red and angry. I'm starting to think the next injection might well transform me into some Incredible Hulk type figure that will go rampaging around parking lots and fields, growling as it yanks up masses of the green stuff and then tramples it under foot. I wonder how well the Incredible Hulk would function with a Ragweed allergy though? On the one hand the sniffles and breathing difficulties would make him less effective but I bet the cranky factor would make up for it.

Anyway, I've been reviewing allergy recommendations lately and the big five on the Allergy and Asthma Foundation website are as follows:

* Track the pollen count for your area.
* Stay indoors in central air conditioning with a HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter attachment when the pollen count is high.

* Get away from the pollen where possible.

* Take antihistamine medications.

* If medication does not give enough relief, consider immunotherapy ("allergy shots").

As I'm following most of this advice already, it seems I'm left with relocating (the AAFA suggests going to sea, abroad or to the Rocky mountains) or purchasing a portable bubble apparatus (like in the Jake Gyllenhaal movie) so that I can leave the apartment between August and October. I haven't worked out which option is more feasible yet.

In the meantime, if you happen to spot a hulking green creature bounding around your nearest park with a wicked case of pre-Ragweed season allergies, please don't be alarmed. I mean you no harm, honestly. My quarrel is only with Ragweed and its cronies. Beware A. artemisifolia, this isn't over yet!
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