Soulpepper's 'Night, Mother

Soulpepper's 'Night, Mother

I owe Megan Follows and Dawn Greenhalgh an apology. I know it's not possible to offer a standing ovation after you've left the theatre but so emotionally ragged was I after watching Soulpepper's current production of 'Night, Mother from my seat in the front row yesterday afternoon that all theatre etiquette was momentarily forgotten.

The real-life mother/daughter acting team is so emotionally honest in this production of the Pulitzer Prize winning 'Night, Mother that many members of the audience (myself included) were in tears before the end. Once again Soulpepper have outdone themselves.

If you think you can handle the raw tension that Jessie's (Follows) planned suicide and her mother's (Greenhalgh) desperate counter-arguments delivers you shouldn't miss 'Night, Mother. Follows, Greenhalgh and director Alisa Palmer all deserve a standing ovation for this one - even if the audience are too shell-shocked to realize it until they find themselves shuffling out of the theatre.

'Night, Mother runs at the Young Centre until June 28th.

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