Yesterday Blog Tour

Yesterday Blog Tour

yesterday blog tour: Sept 23 - 28

Many thanks to Lindsey over at Random House Canada for assembling the upcoming Yesterday blog tour! Also BIG thanks to the terrific Canadian bloggers taking part for their cool guest blog ideas and questions. Here's the final tour schedule:

Diary of a Bookworm September 23
Just a lil' Lost September 24
Mermaid Visions September 25
Evie Bookish September 26
Midnight Bloom Reads September 27
Book Nerd September 28

I hope you'll drop by one of the stops and say hello. I'll be the tall woman in Doc Martens nursing a Coca-Cola.

About a week ago I received my first hardcover copy of Yesterday and it's so stunning that I can still hardly believe, whenever I lay eyes on it, that it's not some cool sci-film directed by Sofia Coppola (I know she hasn't directed a sci-fi movie yet but I can always dream an adaptation of my book will be the one!) but my very own novel. Thank you, Nicole De Las Heras, for this this beautiful looking book!
With the release right around the corner, on September 25th, I was inspired to re-design the website to match up with the novel and create double-sided (because My Beating Teenage Heart has it's paperback release on the same day) bookmarks to be used in giveaways and stuff. Also because, let's face it, I have way too much fun designing this stuff to consider NOT doing it.

My Beating Teenage Heart bookmark
Yesterday bookmark

As for my next blog post here, that will be posted early next week and I'll be talking about my favourite movies from the early 80s. The following post will cover technology and toys from the 80s and I'm saving favourite music for last but here's a peek—Such A Shame, from Talk Talk's second album, It's My Life (1984).

To this day I regret never seeing Talk Talk play live and I'm still pretty much convinced from here to 2063 that there was no one cooler in the 80s than Talk Talk lead singer Mark Hollis.
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