Naomi doesn't expect anything unusual from her annual family trip to visit her grandparents in Ireland. What she expects is to celebrate her thirteenth birthday, hang out with her friends Ciara and Shehan, and deal with her gran's Alzheimer's. What she finds is a country hit by an unexpected virus that rapidly infects the majority of the Irish population over the age of twenty-one.

Amnestic-Delirium Syndrome (ADS) starts off with memory loss, but the virus soon turns its victims aggravated, blank, or violent. Naomi and her friends must survive on their own, without lucid adults, cut off from the rest of the world, until a cure is found.

But there are whispers that ADS is not terrestrial, and soon Naomi and her friends learn the frightening truth: we are not alone.


Cormorant (DCB), © 2017
ISBN-10: 1770865020
ISBN-13: 978-1770865020
Reading level: 10 - 13 years
Grade Level: 5 - 7


 . . . the appeal of this book is broader than teens looking for a dark adventure. Stricken should appeal across gender and genres. Martin also does an excellent job capturing both the voice and viewpoint of the teenage characters. The voices are authentic, never forced, and carry the story along in a very engaging way. The plot, itself, is tight, with enough mystery to keep the pages turning without feeling like you’re being toyed with – for the most part.
***/4 Recommended
— Susie Wilson, CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials
...Science fiction fans will enjoy this worldgone-mad of the future, with its Irish flavour and references to a normal life back in Canada. They'll appreciate Naomi's struggles with her maturing body, adult authority, and a romance. The book is recommended for both school and classroom libraries.
Rated E: E Excellent, enduring, everyone should see it!
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