Twenty-year-old Leah Fischer's been in a state of collapse since the moment police arrived on her Toronto doorstep to inform her that her boyfriend Bastien was killed in a car accident. After flunking out of university and cutting herself off from nearly everyone she knows, Leah's saved by Bastien's aunt who offers her a rent-free place to stay in a nearby suburban town.

Initially Leah keeps to herself, with no energy for anyone or anything else, but it's not long before her nurturing neighbours begin to become fixtures in Leah's life and a much needed part-time job forces her to interact with other members of the community. And when Leah is faced with another earth-shattering event, her perspective on life begins to shift again. Soon Leah's falling into a casual sexual relationship with Irish actor Liam Kellehan, who has troubles of his own, even as she continues to yearn for her dead boyfriend. Clearly she's not the person she thought she was—and maybe Liam isn't either.


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ISBN-10: 1477605142
ISBN-13: 978-1477605141
ebook: 9781476171616
Reading level: Adult (mature readers 16+)


Her writing is very special, it’s real and raw and authentic, but her skill with telling a story that makes you feel all the things right along with the narrator is so, so, so much more pronounced with the freedom that comes along with writing for an adult audience. While I know the self-publishing route is a tough one, I hope that Come See About Me has some success so that we’ll maybe see more adult fiction from Martin—it’s just that wonderful.
Clear Eyes, Full Shelves
All of Martin's books are deeply written, touching, sad and funny and a combination of all of this put together . . . This is one of the most beautiful stories I have ever read.
Oh, how I love C. K. Kelly Martin for not shying away from the sexual needs someone feels even after losing their love...The beauty of a character like Leah is that, if you have someone like C. K. Kelly Martin writing you, you’re going to spring to life from the pages . . . Bits of reality, woven together with Martin’s sincerity and artfulness, form someone you really, truly care about.
Happy Owl Books
There are many ways to grieve, endless ways actually. And I felt every ounce of Leah’s pain . . . This was an amazing read.
Lives and Breaths Books
There's a very fragile balance of being on your own for the first time and learning're not as shielded from pain as you think you are. It's that last part that will make this book appealing to both older teens who are mature enough to handle the intimacy aspect, and it's this very last part that will make this book appealing to adults, as well . . . Martin's book is the real deal and will appeal to those who like contemporary fiction, strong characters, emotionally powerful stories, and who enjoy their sex steamy.
COME SEE ABOUT ME was a sexy (super sexy!), emotional, beautiful read about love, loss, pain, growth and learning to live again. It was so very real and I feel lucky to have experienced Leah’s story with her.
For the Love of Contemporary
Without the bounds of being a YA book, Martin is able to explore more sexually, and the scenes are essential to the relationship and so gorgeously and evocatively done . . . I was sucked in, swallowed up and mesmerised by this story. I read it over the course of one blissed-out ache-y day and one month on, I am still feeling the emotions of this read.
C.K. Kelly Martin has an immense talent for writing layered characters who you root for and relationships that are absolutely beautiful. I can easily label 'Come See About Me' as a favourite of 2012
Book Labyrinth
A very well written book about self-discovery and picking one's self up after a devastating experience . . . I highly recommend this.
Book Overdose
With Martin’s stunning and emotional writing, and a protagonist who is the right amount of messy, Come See About Me captured me . . . Martin blends all the best elements of grief and romance based novels to create something great.
A Good Addiction
Martin’s book about grief, loss, and moving forward is a stunner and a must-read for fans of contemporary fiction . . . Never gratuitous, this novel is as authentic a coming-of-age as I'’ve ever seen.
Early Nerd Special
The characters are so well written and the story is real and honest. I often felt as though I could be Leah's friend and help her through her struggles. The devastation she feels on the loss of her boyfriend is so pure and genuine. And the guilt Leah feels for wanting Liam the way she does is all too much to handle but Martin hits it all perfectly, creating a perfect pendulum of guilt and desire. Leah is not just another character in a story, she is a real person, someone we can relate to on a personal level.
Krystal's Stellar Book Blog
My heart broke for Leah. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose someone you love in such a devastating way . . . I'd definitely recommend this one.
The Autumn Review
The setting, Oakville. It’s as important to Come See About Me as any character or event; by the end of the book, I knew its lakes and pubs and stores. When I went to the book website, I found that Oakville is an actual place outside of Toronto! Part of me wants to go visit, to see the places Leah saw.
A Chair, a Fireplace and a Tea Cozy (A School Library Journal Blog)
I am flummoxed why the target group for a generic problematic-virgin-meets-clingy-bad-boy-plot is everlastingly huge, while a gem about a regular young woman like you and me like this is only appreciated by a handful.
Olivia's Books, Quotes and Opinions


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