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Autumn Rambling(s)

Autumn Rambling(s)

Yesterday we went for an autumn drive up to Erin and Orangeville, both lovely Ontario towns. There's a collection of tree carving sculptures (43 in total) in Orangeville. You can see pictures of a few of them below, along with images of fall decorations, city landmarks etc.

Orangeville tree carving


Orangeville tree carving

Orangeville church

Orangeville church


The run-up to Halloween is an apt time for a 50% off skull tattoos sale!

Tattoo skull sale, Orangeville

Orangeville storefront

Posters asking for information on Sonia Varaschin's murderer were hanging in the doorways of many Orangeville businesses. If you have any information please contact the designated tip line at (519) 941-2522, extension 2211.

Have you seen this car or boot? The OPP and the Orangeville Police Service are investigating the murder of Sonia Varaschin.


Orangeville opera house

Orangeville tree carving

Skeleton making himself at home inside The Winchester Arms:

Inside The Winchester Arms, Oakville

Orangeville tree carving

Main Street, Erin

Erin Main Street

Erin shop front

Just off the main street, taking it easy with a bottle of chardonnay after a hard day's work:

 Halloween decorations, Erin side street

Wisdom from an Erin bakery:

Erin Bakery: The best things in life are not things

Have you ever seen the Tin Man look this cute?

Tin Man on rollerskates, Erin Main Street

I wouldn't have suspected crocodiles lurking in an Ontario river so was grateful for the warning sign.

Danger Crocodiles. No swimming.

But I couldn't comprehend the other sign.

Here's a close-up which appears to say that little girls shouldn't eat ice cream in the middle of the river. Maybe that relates back to the crocodiles too?

The weight scrawled on this pumpkin was a whopping 734 lbs. Here, I'm pondering how to lift it:

Me & a 734 pound pumpkin
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