Songs of October

Songs of October

And so it's October, well and truly autumn. I can't deny it. And I wouldn't mind (because it's a chocolatey, pretty month and in Canada it's also the one during which we celebrate Thanksgiving) except that October is followed by November and before you know it the cold's deep in your bones, daylight is in short supply, the sleet is slippery on the streets and sidewalks and you wish you could hibernate until spring.

With this in mind, I have a proposal for the universe. We need to rethink the calendar year. It's too cold for waaaay too long up here and that just isn't working (it's no accident that Vancouver, one of our warmest cities, is the one that's always topping those world's best city lists). Here's what I'm thinking our new calendar year should consist of:

January's a pretty rubbish month and February, though short, is brutal. March, well that's mostly just more of the same January and Februrary blahs. April is when things start to get good so we may as well just start the new year with that, don't you think?
May: is the ULTIMATE month. Full of promise, so many beautiful things blooming and temperatures growing mild. May is a month that I think deserves more room. We could have three months of May and still not be sick of it. So I propose that we devote a quarter of the year to this wonderful month.

June: if we're dropping January through March there's more room for June—a lovely, summery month before much icky humidity has a chance to settle in. Let's have back to back Junes.
July: Full throttle summer goodness! Let July burn brightly but only once before we pass into August and the dog days of summer.
August: The last true month of summer. Time to seize the day.
September: Film fest time in Toronto, yay! A great time to get back to school (or writing projects!) in earnest. Break out that jean jacket.
October: Gorgeous fall colours, some slightly chilly temperatures, ghosts, goblins, zombies, miniature chocolate bars and turkey with all the trimmings. Here's a month that's both fun and a little different. We could double the good times by slipping in two of these instead of November.
December: we need to keep this month in the calendar for Christmas but also because it feels natural that two months of October would culminate in something colder. And having experienced some cold dark days we will appreciate April's renewal all the more.

October goodness

Anyway, I'm thinking I should take my revised calendar plan to the Dalai Lama. Seems to me he's in pretty good with the universe and could get something done about this. If it works out I'll let you know. Companies that put out calendars could be a little put out initially, I know, but in time I think the majority of Canadians would be much happier. Just cast your eyes westward to check out how milder temperatures year round could work for the rest of us. And in the meantime, enjoy some October music from the eighties (best decade ever—if the Dalai Lama comes through for me with this revised calendar I might get him to have a look at a proposal that we give the eighties another chance.

Secret Oktober, Duran Duran

October, U2:

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