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Interview & Lighter Side contest

Interview & Lighter Side contest

There's a very nice new review of The Lighter Side of Life and Death up on the Fragments of Life blog. Not only that but you can find an interview with me there where I talk about gender, writing sex scenes for YA and more. Plus, Fragments of Life are hosting a cool summer contest where you can win signed copies of my most summery books, The Lighter Side of Life and Death and One Lonely Degree! The grand prize winner will also score an Amazon giftcard and additionally, I'll send them a copy of My Beating Teenage Heart when it's released at the end of September.

 * Visit the Fragments of Life interview and contest

I believe the contest closes July 1st and hope you'll stop by to enter. Many thanks to Precious for chatting to me about The Lighter Side of Life and Death and for hosting this great summer contest!

summer contest: C.K. Kelly Martin books at  Fragments of Life blog
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