The Airborne Toxic Event @ The Opera House & Emma Donoghue on Room

The Airborne Toxic Event @ The Opera House & Emma Donoghue on Room

There are finally some video clips from last Friday's Airborne Toxic Event show at The Opera House in Toronto up so I thought I'd post them here for fellow (or future!) TATE fans. I'm already more than ready to see the band again so I hope it won't be so very long until they're back in town.



Does This Mean You're Moving On? (You won't actually see much later in the clip because it's one of the points during the night that lead singer Mikel Jollet disappeared into the crowd to sing):

All I Ever Wanted:

They also performed This Losing, one of the first tracks I heard from them back before their first album was released in 08. It's not on either of their albums but it's a testament to the band's talent that This Losing is every bit as good as the songs that do actually appear on their CDs. So far there's no live footage of this one from the Toronto show so the below clip is actually them playing it live at the El Ray Theatre in L.A. on April 27, 2011:

And last but not least Friday's (May 20th) appearance on David Letterman where they sang Changing:

Room by Emma DonoghueI was also lucky enough to see Irish writer Emma Donoghue speak about her enthralling 2010 novel Room this past Wednesday. The Oakville public library will be posting a podcast of her talk which I'll link to once it's up. Room's already gathered a mountain of accolades so it definitely doesn't need me to recommend it but the narration by five-year-old Jack completely blew me away. At one point in the novel I couldn't sleep for worrying what was going to become of Jack and his mother and had to get out of bed and continue reading until two in the morning!

In speaking about the novel Emma Donoghue herself was completely candid and effortlessly charming so if you enjoyed Room it's definitely worth your time to listen to the podcast.

If you haven't read it yet, you might want to watch the Room book trailer and think about picking up a copy. While the material is emotionally challenging it's not graphic and Jack himself is such a charismatic narrator that there are times the book even seems (unlikely as it seems considering the horrifying situation Jack and his mother are in) almost whimsical.

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