CBC's Not-So-Great Canadian Wish List

CBC's Not-So-Great Canadian Wish List

CBC's Great Canadian Wish List results made me feel like an alien in my own country. Amongst Facebook members top thirty wishes for Canada:

1) Abolish Abortion
3) A Christian revival
4) Restore the traditional definition of marriage

Why not abolish women (with their pesky reproductive issues), non-Christians and homosexuals (except during PRIDE season when they boost tourism maybe) outright?

However, it turns out that the CBC didn't report the whole story along with the results. That would be the story of a pro-life Facebook group suddenly filling up with "faceless, nameless people," including instructions on "How to cheat wish list," while pro-choice voices were often silenced by Facebook administrators. Numerous pro-choice supporters had their "privileges dramatically limited...without adequate explanation." In some cases accounts were entirely disabled.

Judy MacDonald, founding Rabble editor and former CBC employee, sums up the contest's outcome nicely: “The country's national broadcaster and its fun contest to engage youth has become a platform to wish for revoking the rights of women and homosexuals, and to impose one religion on the country.”

Thanks to Unpopular Culture for her posts and research on this. Like her, I wonder why the CBC hasn't acknowledged the faulty results and why right-wingers were permitted to ride roughshod over Facebook while pro-choicers were blocked at so many turns.
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