February Blahs Contest Winners

February Blahs Contest Winners

Thanks for the great beat the blahs tunes everybody sent my way for the February contest! All the amazing music really helped perk me up.

It would be remiss for me to raise the subject of positive songs without giving Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" a nod, so to close the February Blahs contest:

This morning I drew the names of two winners from a hat (actually it was a bowl but a hat just sounds better, doesn't it?). Congrats to April and Elinor! Each of them win a February Blahs prize pack consisting of:

a signed copy of I Know It's Over hardcover
a signed copy of One Lonely Degree advance reader copy
Almost Famous (DVD)
Ghost World (DVD)

I Know It's Over + One Lonely Degree + Almost Famous + Ghost World

'll be mailing the prize packs out to the winners shortly. Thanks again to everyone who entered and now I really need to bury my head back in The Lighter Side of Life and Death revisions...
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