Canada's Capital City is Under Siege

Canada's Capital City is Under Siege

For the third day in a row Ottawa City is being held hostage by a convoy of white supremacist fascists (and their sympathizers) seeking to oust a democratically elected government. The convoy "accomplishment" list (by itemizes some of the abuse. The latest to add to this is confirmation protesters in a truck that was part of the convoy hurled rocks at an ambulance over the weekend. "When the paramedic got out to check for damage, protesters began to yell racial slurs at him, said Jocelyne Marciano, operations commander for the Ottawa Paramedic Service." 

Police are continuing to ask city residents and workers to avoid going downtown. The Rideau mall will remain closed today out of concern for workers as will a downtown school. Many other inner core businesses will also remain closed for the same reason as there have been countless incidents of convoy members threatening retail and restaurant workers. This means a hit to the pocketbook for already challenged businesses. 

I'm including a selection of tweets from Ottawa residents and workers so that everyone can see what the capital has been dealing with. If you want to know more here's an informative thread from an Ottawa teacher: And invaluable info from investigative reporter Justin Ling about the treasonous, racist roots of this convoy

If you want to help counter hate and harassment in Canada please consider financial support for the following noble causes, institutions & symbols of which have been abused & attacked by the convoy this weekend: Ottawa shelter Shepherds of Good Hope; nationally the Terry Fox Foundation, the Royal Canadian Legion, and last but not least, independent and nonpartisan nonprofit Canadian Anti-Hate Network
February 5th Update
* Here are some other amazing organizations severely impacted by the occupation of Ottawa who could really use your support: Highjinx (a community hub for vulnerable neighbours); Youth Services Bureau (servicing vulnerable youth in the downtown core); nonprofit Centretown Community Health Centre; Cornerstone Housing for Women; SAEFTY Ottawa, an independent youth group run entirely by and for trans and gender diverse youth.



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