Recognizing The Magic of Winter (from zombie eyes)

Recognizing The Magic of Winter (from zombie eyes)

We're in the middle of another one of our almost daily snowstorms here. This one is supposed to be good for 15 centimetres or so. Anyway, a few minutes ago I shuffled over to the window, sniffling away thanks to my icky, snotty winter cold, and thinking about how much this weather SUCKS when I saw three kids bound out of the next door apartment building behind their mother (who was not bounding). The kids launched themselves gleefully into the nearest snowbank. One of them collapsed on his back with a joyful yelp, completely revelling in the soft white stuff I'd been staring at with such disdain.

Clearly, I'm missing something here!

I laughed out loud at the trio's enthusiasm but did it inspire me to throw on my coat and make angels in the snow? No, it did not.

Maybe if I didn't have a cold things would've gone differently...maybe. Incidentally, how do you know for sure whether you have a cold, a case of the flu or whether you're actually making the transition to zombiehood? Is there a checklist or something? I'm just wondering.

Cold or zombiehood?
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