The Lighter Side of Life and Death

The Lighter Side of Life and Death

I'm coming off a Victoria Day long weekend filled with sunshine, turkey burgers, an outstanding finale to LOST and a viewing of the funny, warm and adorable documentary Babies so you gotta know I'm in a good mood.

Normally I'm a person who is more drawn to puppies than babies, but Babies completely charmed me. If you want an easy way to up your joy quotient today this movie is it.

I also had a chance to stop in to the Indigo on Bloor Street in Toronto yesterday and spotted The Lighter Side of Life and Death on the shelf early. It was hanging out with One Lonely Degree and I Know It's Over, which was very very nice to see.

Today The Lighter Side of Life and Death officially hits stores and I noticed a cool shiny new review of it up at The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books.

But I know Mason would want me to correct the first line; he's sixteen not fifteen, a fact he quickly sets twenty-three-year-old Colette straight on when she gets his age wrong during their second meeting in Chapter Six:


"I wish I could've been confident like that in high school," Colette continues. "You're so far ahead of the game if you've got it together at fifteen and don't let the stupid things get you down."

"Sixteen," I correct, staring at her boldly. I swear I feel drunk on Cinnamania, like I don't know what I'll do or say next. Maybe it's partly because of how Kat acted today but it's not as simple as that. It's also how long Colette's legs looked in her high heels at Nina's shower and how she keeps saying the right things to me.

Colette stops the car and then I notice we're parked right in front of my house and that in a second I'll have to say goodbye and get out.

"Sixteen," Colette repeats slowly. "Right." She stares steadily back, sizing me up, wondering if she's misinterpreting my intentions.

"I guess it doesn't make much difference." Reality's filtering through my sugar high and I'm beginning to lose my nerve. This is a full grown woman I'm sitting next to. She's probably been in high heels for as long as I've been in school. "So I'll see you later, Colette." Thing is, I'm still sitting there, waiting for something to happen, my breath vibrating in my throat.


If you want to hear more about the book I'm doing a guest blog at Teen Reads on Friday. In the meantime I hope you're also experiencing sunny weather & good times!
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