Christmas Time in the City

Christmas Time in the City

There's only a sprinkling of snow in the city so far but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas regardless. Here's what Toronto looked like like yesterday (December 8th):

City Hall sign: Dec 8

The view from Front Street:

Flatiron building, CN tower and skyscrapers from Front Street

Four foot high gingerbread recreation (created with 54lbs of flour and 54lbs of sugar) of the Royal York hotel's original 1929 construction. You can find it in the lobby of the Royal York:

Gingerbread version of the Royal York

Chilly, lonely park along the Esplanade:

Esplanade park

Overhead Christmas decorations in the Distillery District:

Distillery District

Christmas Market at the Distillery District. It runs until December 12th. Note the snowy sign pointing the way to the gingerbread house:

Distillery District

Distillery District

Distillery District Christmas market stalls:

Distillery District

Voila, the {edible} gingerbread house:

Distillery District gingerbread house

It was too cold to attempt the market ferris wheel:

Distillery District ferris wheel

But watching this choir singing Avril Lavigne's Keep Holding On was fun:

Distillery District choir skings Avril

And then we moved on to watch the skaters at Nathan Phlilips Square. I couldn't see where the skate rental place had gone but apparently it's currently in a construction trailer on site:

Nathan Phlilips Square

Nathan Phlilips Square

Menorah in front of Old City Hall:

Menorah,  Old City Hall:

The nativity scene at Old City Hall has been vandalized again this year—the glass had been smashed and the baby Jesus stolen:

Vandalized nativity scene, Old City Hall

As usual, the Hudson's Bay Christmas windows are absolutely gorgeous:

Hudson's Bay Christmas windows

Hudson's Bay Christmas windows

Hudson's Bay Christmas windows

Hudson's Bay Christmas windows

The Swarovski Christmas tree at the Eaton Centre was pretty much the only visible Christmas decoration in the place:

Swarovski Christmas tree, Eaton Centr

Berczy Park, Front Street:

Berczy Park, Front Street

Restaurant poinsettias:

white poinsettias in the restaurant

Brookfield Place holiday lights:

Brookfield place: let there be light
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