Fall Hope and Beauty & Faded Stone Messages

Fall Hope and Beauty & Faded Stone Messages

Last Monday, Election Day, was gorgeous in my neck of Southern Ontario. And what a glorious night it was too, with Stephen Harper's government at last being swept into memory and our next Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, speaking of 'sunny ways.'

Hope and light is in the air, even as winter approaches.

The beauty of fall seems to be a rough, wild one - a final glimpse at the natural world before the veil of winter drops and steals it from view.

Fall colours, gentle sunshine, Bronte Harbour,October 25:

By the water's edge, Bronte, October 25:


Fall canoeing in Bronte, October 25:

Oakville's Lawn Bowling club lit by golden autumn sunshine, October 25:

Speaking of hope, the dreams, wishes and wisdom of fellow Canadians were jotted down all over the stones of an Oakville Beach this summer and fall. Yesterday I finally made my way down to the water's edge to examine them in earnest. Although some messages were faded and difficult to read the very idea still seems laced with magic. And thankfully whoever is fond of making Inukshuks (half dissembled here) by the lake on a regular basis is still at it too.

Not sure about this one. I can make out the words 'happy' and either 'Canada' or 'Canadian'

Yes it is:

A warning to heed:

John still loves you Lewis!

If anyone can provide an English translation for this, let me know.

Not sure you can read this but it says, 'I wish I could fly."

I wish people were more thoughtful.

Peace to the world

I'm better off for the knowing of you. 

And this last one obviously isn't a stone, but it's a message too. Many of the downtown Oakville benches by Late Ontario feature dedications that tell a story. This is just one of them and is of the infinite variety. 

What are your hopes and dreams this fall? What message do you have for the rest of us? Or perhaps for one specific person?

* See the additional stone messages I captured in November

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