Writing News

Writing News

Technically I'm in the middle of an Internet break, working on a new young adult book that I'm very excited about and is unlike anything I've done before. I have miles and miles to go before I'll be anywhere near finished but I hope I can share more about it down the road.

In the meantime I want to point anyone curious about my my most recent YA, Delicate, (currently available in Canada and releasing in the U.S. on May 14th) in the direction of the lovely review Kirkus posted for the book last week, describing it as, "Thoughtful and honest":


Writers or readers who are into 'edgy' YA fiction might also want to head over to Open Book Toronto where Susan Hughes leads a Q &A with Canadian YA writers Cheryl Rainfield, Don Aker and me.

Kid Lit Can, with Susan Hughes: Sex, and drugs, and rock and roll: Writing edgy YA (Part 1)

The second part of the interview will be posted next month.

And because I'm writing this the day after watching The Walking Dead episode "The Next World" (avert your eyes NOW if you haven't seen it yet), hurray for Richonne! The fact that the writers took their time leading up to the relationship made their coming together all the more satisfying.

Michonne & Rick, The Walking Dead

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