A Plea to Mr. Claus

A Plea to Mr. Claus

SantaThey say this will be a thirty-six hour event, our upcoming winter storm. We've had such a furious winter in the GTA this year that I've been telling people that I think Santa should do an encore.

I don't have any lights up or anything but I would be more than happy to provide him with milk and cookies (gourmet ones even!) and I'm sure a lot of people up here would do the same. Don't we deserve some kind of reward for enduring all this crazy cold and mountains of white stuff? Is spring even going to show its face this year? We need hope, Santa. We need you!

I know, I know, I live in Canada, right? I should expect this. But seriously, this is overkill by any standard. We've had snow three out of every four days this year, nearly three times more snow than last year. Much more and we could be looking at the all-time record. Back in the winter of 1938-39 207.4 cm of snow fell in Toronto and if we get the 25 cm they're calling for today and tomorrow we'll only be 5 cm short. The way things have been going this winter (storm after storm after storm) we should topple that 38-39 record no problem.

Anyway, I realize that you haven't been back at your workshop long enough to have our presents ready, Santa, but that's okay, I'll be happy enough if you just drop by for a cup of tea or whatever. We can watch Christmas Vacation, sing Feliz Navidad and string popcorn and cranberries.

So can I count on you tonight, Santa? Whatever time you want is good for me. I'll just be sitting here watching winter flex its muscles, hoping that spring, unlike the Easter bunny or tooth fairy, is for real.
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