The Wisdom of Lauren Cooper

The Wisdom of Lauren Cooper

BBC Canada recently finished showing the second season of Catherine Tate and I have to admit I'm experiencing withdrawal pangs. Nan, Derek, Georgie, I miss you guys! But most of all, I miss Lauren Cooper. Call it old fashioned denial, a bad case of teenage attitude or a wicked strong self defence mechanism but whatever you put it down to, you gotta love Lauren for flat out refusing to be embarrassed in even the most damning circumstances.

Doesn't matter whether her friends have discovered she works in a fastfood restaurant:

or whether she's put her foot in her mouth:

or just seen her boyfriend Ryan make out with some other girl:

or tried to a pick a fight with a new English teacher (Doctor Who's David Tennant) who is determined not to put up with her:

She ain't bovered, mate. She just ain't bovered.
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