Doctor Who?

Doctor Who?

I had to retie the running shoes I bought in Ireland twice while I was out today. This is a common occurrence with these shoes (and, yup, I double-knot them). I've also had to take them to a shoemaker to glue on a bit of the sole which was coming off and he told me he couldn't guarantee it wouldn't come loose again. Fair enough, it's not his fault the shoes kind of suck.

They're also really hard to pull on and I have to wonder why it ever seemed like a good idea to buy them instead of a pair of replacement Doc Martens (for the ones that bit the dust while I was in Dublin).

Conclusion #1: I need new Docs.

Conclusion #2: When those as yet to be acquired Doc Martens wear out I will then require yet another pair of Docs (running shoes are well and good for numerous purposes but they're no stand-in for a dependable pair of Docs!).

Conclusion #3: They better not stop making Docs in my lifetime.
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