Election daze are here again

Election daze are here again

Summer came late this year but I'm glad we're seeing lots of sunshine lately. I'm all for a sunny September...and a sunny October...and, well, it'd be perfectly fine with me if we had this gorgeous weather all year round with maybe just a month of cold and snow in December. Because I think we can always use some of the fluffy stuff around Christmas to really get in the spirit of things.

Speaking of things that happen annually, it seems Canadians are staring election season in the face again. Most countries like to skip a couple years in between federal elections but not us and I'm beginning to wonder, now that this has become a yearly event for us, whether we should combine election day with October Thanksgiving festivities to jazz things up a little. Wouldn't going to your local polling station be more fun if they'd offer you a free ham or turkey or maybe a warm slice of apple crumble?

Our loveable leader Steve-o could gain a leg up on the competition by recording versions of current hit songs like I Know You Want Me and I'm Yours and handing out his CDs free along with the pie etc.
Stephen Harper/Pitbull

I mean, the lyrics kind of fit, don't they? There's his total disregard for the function the press should be permitted to serve in a democracy and for other people's rights in general:

“Baby, I don't care, I don't care, what they say”
—I Know You Want Me

Stephen Harper/Jason Mraz

And just today I saw in the paper that Stephen Harper told his party's faithful he believes a majority government is in reach.

“Nothing's going to stop me but divine intervention
I reckon it's again my turn to win some or learn some.”
—I'm Yours

Damn, Steve-o! Seems like it's always your turn to win some (what happened to the learn some?). I'm starting to think that it's because you lack charisma to such an astounding degree that whenever your name's mentioned or your image appears, folks simply stop paying attention. This would explain your apparent impunity. A hearty percentage of the electorate are too bored with you to want to hear about the latest wrongs you and your party have committed.

But wouldn't it be cool to have someone in power (at least until next year!) that we wouldn't have to ignore, someone we might be able to have a modicum of respect for, someone who might even give a shit if we were being held against our will in a foreign country. I'm just saying...

In other news, this feminist re-imagining of Twilight — Buffy vs Edward: Twilight Remixed is popping up around the Internet and it kicks ass.

Some other things that kick ass lately: Courtney Summer's has unveiled the cover for her new book Some Girls Are. It looks fabulous (just looking at it makes me feel antsy) and you can enter to win an advance reader copy at Courtney's site (draw date is the 14th).

Also, David Yoo, author of Girls For Breakfast and Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before has a terrific Writers Against Racism post over at the School Library Journal blog. I think Stop Me would make a great movie. Would love to see the roundabout scene and all those sweet sequences between Albert and Mia at the inn (and no, I don't mean that) played out on the big screen. Think about picking up the book if you haven't read it already.

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