Some Girls Are

Some Girls Are

I carefully avoided Some Girls Are reviews before reading it. I didn't want potential spoilers to dull its impact. But since the first three chapters are available to read online at author Courtney Summers's website I think it's safe to say that main character Regina Afton is not in a good place in Some Girls Are. Her best friend Anna is the meanest of all the mean girls at Hallowell High. Seriously mean. Together Anna and her clique (including Regina) have taken psychological torture to a whole new level. With these kind of toxic dynamics at play it's no surprise that when Anna's boyfriend Donnie tries to rape Regina at a party the warped clique is all to ready to discount the truth and label Regina a slut and backstabber.

Some Girls Are (Courtney Summers)You definitely don't want to be on the outs with these girls. And you don't really want to be in with them either. They're complete sharks, constantly on the lookout for weaknesses to be exploited. They seem to reserve the worst cruelties for those who were once members of their clique which is bad news for Regina. Very bad news.

If I had to sum up Some Girls Are in one word it would be relentless. The bad things don't stop. Mean girls seemingly do not rest and Regina, who has lived the mean girl life for most of her high school career, knows how to fight fire with fire. You have to admire her, nasty as she's been in the past herself, For not crumbling (even as she pops antacid after antacid) and instead plotting retaliation for the many wrongs committed against her.

But the character I admired most was Michael, a true to himself loner long ago labelled a freak by Anna's clique and who has since been relegated to “the garbage table,” the only possible place left for Regina to sit after being rejected and humiliated by her former friends. But will Michael give Regina a chance? And just how far are Regina's enemies willing to take their thirst to wound?

Some Girls Are is one hell of a hard-hitting book. Author Courtney Summers doesn't go easy on anyone—she ruthlessly peels back layer after layer of cruelty—while you wince and read on, transfixed. A brilliantly raw revelation from the author of Cracked Up to Be.

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