If that's your best, your best won't do

If that's your best, your best won't do

I sent off the below email to our Governor General this morning. If you're not happy about the proroguing of parliament I suggest you do the same. You can email her at info@gg.ca.
Dear Michaëlle Jean,

For the second time in a year I'm enormously disappointed to see how lightly you take your position as Governor General. It seems the position, while bearing a huge amount of responsibility (including allowing prorogation), sadly requires no guts.

With Stephen Harper on the run from the Afghan detainee torture issue you allowed him to prorogue parliament without even discussing it with the other parties. Without even meeting with the Prime Minister in person.

I didn't have an issue with the monarchy before but if having Queen Elizabeth as our head of state also means having a Governor General with the potential to wield such power (while clearly lacking wisdom, conviction and courage) I believe we should eliminate the position immediately.

{my name & details}

A Canadian citizen who wants democracy restored.
Don't forget to email/contact your local MP too. If you're not sure who that is just type in your postal code here. Tell them you're pissed. Ask them if they believe in democracy. Ask them if they believe in accountability. Ask them to ignore Stephen Harper's request to prorogue parliament and attend anyway.

And here we go again with We're Not Gonna Take It, which I think makes an extremely apt protest song for this year's prorogation:

Don't forget to attend your local protest on January 23rd! I will be there, sporting one of these (which Paddy & I designed):

Prorogued T-shirt

If you happen to want one I'm selling them at zero profit to myself on CafePress.
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