Sunny March in Toronto

Sunny March in Toronto

Folks on a Queen Street patio, enjoying a warm March day. Sounds unlikely but this was the scene last Saturday.

Queen Street patio

Hot dogs & cheap bongs. And in the distance, cheap burgers (Mickey D's).

Bong sale sign

The King of Queen Street: this dog, lazing around in the middle of the sidewalk, was completely unfazed by the throngs of pedestrians (and their pets) ambling by him and really only started to take notice of me when I stooped to snap his (her?) photo.

dog lazing on Queen Street sidewalk

Osgoode Hall. Check out how blue that sky is.

Osgoode Hall

Snack time in the city, for both squirrels

Snacking squirrel

and people. Here's some free food being prepared and handed out on Queen Street.

Free food on Queen Street

Rocking mural on The Hideout.

Mural on The Hideout

Cameron House, good to see you too.

Cameron House

I couldn't figure out quite what these signs, near the south east corner of Nathan Phillips Square, were trying to say. Is there a wolf den at the bottom of these steps and are people also welcome?

Nathan Phillips Square wolf sign

A Queen Street tree stump transformed.

A Queen Street tree stump transformed

And this last snap obviously isn't from Queen Street. There's an aquasaur hanging out in my living room and who knew they had such a thing for carrots? They seem to be making him grow like crazy, he's molting like there's no tomorrow!

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