Our Lady Peace Massey Hall Footage

Our Lady Peace Massey Hall Footage

Trawling YouTube in search of OLP footage from the March 12th and 13th Massey Hall concerts I noticed that one of the clips was loaded with the message, "OLP sounds exactly like they do on the album." You most likely won't be able to tell that from these clips but it's absolutely true. The quality of the sound blew me away.

I've mentioned previously (* All You Did Was Save My LifeAll You Did Was Save My Life Part 2 * Our Lady Peace Canadian Tour) that because I share an appreciation of Our Lady Peace with one of my characters, the band often makes me think of Finn from One Lonely Degree. For most of the concert I was too much in the moment to really think about anything but during Innocent and Clumsy, two songs I strongly associate with her, I definitely felt like I should be scanning the crowd for Finn which added another level of cool to an already amazing concert.

I admit to being acutely jealous of all the folks out there who live in towns OLP haven't hit on their current tour yet. If I had a pile of money lying around I'd be making plans to jet off to someplace like Regina for an encore concert!

Is Anybody Home, Massey Hall, March 13

Are You Sad, Massey Hall, March 13

Raine Maida climbing up to the balcony during
All You Did Was Save My Life, Massey Hall, March 13

The Story of 100 Aisles & Big Dumb Rocket, Massey Hall, March 12

Life, Massey Hall, March 12

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