One Summer

One Summer

Okay, so I'm trying not to be too nostalgic about summer when it's only just begun but last night was such a picture of loveliness that beating the feeling back was a challenge. We walked to the local cinema in the evening to watch Toy Story 3 and the temperature, the quality of the light, the feeling in the air, all of it was perfectly idyllyic as we strolled back home afterwards under the rays of the setting sun.

Toy Story 3 was perfection too (I've loved all the Toy Story movies). I swear young children make a better movie going audience than their parents or teenage siblings (who are both prone to furtively checking their cell phones or other electronic devices in darkened theatres). As a culture we've gotten astoundingly bad at being in the moment. We record and report on things as they're happening, the value of the moments themselves passing us by. And time goes quickly enough without us missing the moments because we're distracted by our electronic devices!

Anyway, as if last evening wasn't gorgeous enough, as we neared home we spotted a ton of fireflies in a heavily treed area that was thick with underbrush. I've never seen that many and it felt like magic—tiny bursts of light everywhere in the darkness. We stopped to watch them for some time, trying to pause the moment.

Personally, I'm hoping this summer passes ever so s-l-o-w-ly. Although, I'm set to begin revisions for My Beating Teenage Heart next week, which means what? Yes, it means I will be spending lots and lots of time in front of an electronic device called a computer! But shortly after that I'll be flying over to Ireland where I plan to immerse myself fully in summer. So, please, Dublin, save me some sunshine!

And speaking of summer nostalgia, folks that grew up in the 80's might remember this hit from The Motels, which was nostalgic the moment it hit the airwaves and is now doubly so for those of us who first heard it in our youth.

The lyrics could easily inspire the first pages of a {nostalgic-infused} YA Book.

“It happened one summer
It happened one time
It happened forever
For a short time”

I hope this summer is one all of you will treasure in the future and that there's time to savour the precious moments in the present!

Summer daisies
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