I've Just Seen a Face

I've Just Seen a Face

I admit that I've been spending a little too much time on YouTube watching videos lately and if you read my previous post you might be sensing a trend of inaction, inertness and general slothtittude. But I swear there is some research getting done (which the below videos have nothing to do with). It's just that:

1) I'll have to resume work on My Beating Teenage Heart practically any day now.

2) I very recently finished my first adult novel. Fingers crossed that at some point Book X (because, yep, its my tenth) will make its way into the world!

3) The Toronto International Film Festival is about to start and soon there will be shiny new movies to see. One I'm really excited about is Never Let Me Go. Here's the trailer:

These three things mean I'm not mentally prepared to dive into another novel just yet. Besides, I haven't finished the research for the new book!

Anyway, I added the playlist for My Beating Teenage Heart to the website yesterday. One of the songs that figure largely in the book, and which I listened to often during writing breaks from the novel, is The Beatles classic I've Just Seen a Face. I don't think I can ever listen to this song just once in a sitting. It's so damn catchy (and short!) that it's always over before you're ready to let it go. And here I must insert a warning: if you give in and replay I've Just Seen a Face it begins to act like a sort of quicksand. The more times you listen, the harder it is to tear yourself away! Indulge yourself too much and friends and family may have to plan an intervention. 

Knowing this, approach the below quicksand (a variety of versions of I've Just Seen a Face) with extreme caution.
Beatles original

Pearl Jam

Brandi Carlile

Across the Universe (movie)

Holly Cole

Richie Sambora

Paul McCartney, Unplugged, 1991

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