Rock the Drop

Rock the Drop

In honour of Support Teen Lit Day I left some signed copies of my books around the town of Oakville to ROCK THE DROP. I Know It's Over is at the bus station, waiting to catch a bus.

I Know It's Over at the bus station

One Lonely Degree's hanging out in the sun at Lakeside Park (incidentally, this is the park—a stone's throw from Lake Ontario—where I envisioned Nick Severson watching the little girl with the English accent).

One Lonely Degree at Lakeside Park

The Lighter Side of Life and Death's lounging around on a bench outside the public library. You'll notice from the next picture that the library is in the middle of a book sale so I'll be going back later to pick up more books (only $1.25/lb, what a steal)!

The Lighter Side of Life and Death on a bench outside the public library

Oakville Public Library

Luckily it's a gorgeous spring day out there, the kind where books can bask outside for hours with no fear of rain and the kind that usually makes me reach for my camera. Today's no exception and I couldn't resist the budding greenery

and the most glorious tree that I'll likely see all day. An apple blossom that smelled like heaven and sprinkled me with confetti-sized blossom bits as I passed under it.

apple blossom tree

Happy Reading and Happy Spring!
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