Amira and Darragh envisioned

Amira and Darragh envisioned

The below entry has been cross-posted to my site. With Microsoft Designer in free preview I recently fooled around with the software—purely for fun—and ended up falling down a rabbit hole generating AI photos of Amira and Darragh. I'm not going to tell you how many pictures I ended up with (a completely wild amount! Also, a bizarro image of a 60s glam rock band fighting off a bunch of shark men and one of a delicious looking spaghetti and meatball cake, but let's leave those aside for now). The first problem was that Dall-E obviously didn't know what Dublin's Ha'penny Bridge looked like and in response to my entered description continually offered up a slew of other bridges that sometimes weren't even footbridges instead. There were also a few issues with unusually large, weird-looking eyes and the well-known problem that AI often has generating hands. Other times the couple (or sometimes half of them) simply didn't match the images of Amira and Darragh I have in my head. Quite often the couple simply looked far too shimmeringly sophisticated.

If you've read Just Like You Said It Would Be you've probably formed your own images of the characters which might be a little different than mine, but here are some of what I consider to be the most convincing Amira and Darragh in pseudo Dublin locations pairings generated by Dall-E. You might notice I relocated the couple to Grafton Street then Trinity College and Temple Bar for several of the below images, at first hoping to avoid bridge weirdness and then, well, getting carried away. I've started with my favourite image (Amira and Darragh in the rain), but there were a bunch of good results.


Sometimes Dall-E randomly decided to hand Amira the guitar instead of Darragh despite my prompt description, but at least this one still looks like them.

A and D on Grafton Street:

Below caught in a sun shower when I started directing the weather. You can see Dall-E doesn't comprehend that the pedestrian portion of Grafton Street (which I specified in the prompt) has no curbs. Other than that the general architecture of the Grafton Street setting has the right look in all of these.

A couple of nice realistic looking images in the Trinity College grounds. 
In Temple Bar at night

And below is a prime example of all the things that can go awry with AI imaging. Here we have a serious case of guitars gone wrong (disappears right into his neck—ouch!), hand weirdness and Grafton Street fail but if you're somehow able to ignore those things, it's a decent Darragh.

I wouldn't use these images professionally in any capacity for ethical reasons concerning AI's impact on the arts but it was a fun experiment for sure and I'll be posting a few other photos relating to Shantallow on my Instagram soonish. Now how about a slice of spaghetti and meatballs with green olives cake?

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