Reviewer X Awesomeness

Reviewer X Awesomeness

Blogger Reviewer X is having a very special week of massive giveaways, book reviews, interviews and author guest posts. Visiting authors will be blogging about things like body image, women's rights and other issues that acutely affect girls. Fourteen authors are stopping by in all (me included!).

Today Suzanne Supplee (author of Artichoke's Heart) writes about having a healthy relationship with your body and Stephanie Kuehnert (author of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone) blogs about the double standard the "slut" label represents.

Thanks Steph for putting together this wonderful week! You can check out a description of this week's activities' here or browse Girl Week's table of contents to get a detailed breakdown of what's currently up.

***Update December 16th***

My guest blog "Women Need Choice" is now up on Reviewer X's blog. You can also win a copy of I Know It's Over there and here's how.

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