All You Did Was Save My Life

All You Did Was Save My Life

It's been four years since the last new Our Lady Peace album but at last the release of Burn Burn is right around the corner and I know Finn (One Lonely Degree) would be psyched. The exact release date of Burn Burn is to still be announced but Our Lady Peace played some of the new songs at the CHUM FM FanFest in Toronto two weeks ago and I'm posting their performance of upcoming single All You Did Was Save My Life here for Finn:

Truthfully, since writing One Lonely Degree I think about her pretty much every time I hear Our Lady Peace. Yeah, real life music reminds me of a fictional character. It's a weird life, being a writer!

Anyway, if you want to hear more from Burn Burn:

Waiting For Something To Happen 

* White Flags 

* Monkey Brains

And here's an older OLP tune to enjoy while you're at it. Do You Like It:

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