Easter Greetings From Our PM

Easter Greetings From Our PM

Last year around this time I wrote about Prime Minister Harper sending Easter cards out to Canadians in an attempt to soften his image. At the time I wasn't sure the attempt was entirely successful but Harper must have been pleased with the results as he's decided to do the same again this year. If you live in Canada you'll no doubt receive your Easter card from the PM shortly, but I've scanned in the image for those of you who happen to be out of the country and are curious what an Easter card from Stephen Harper looks like:
Stephen Harper card: Happy Easter, peasants! With fondness Your Czar, S.H.

In addition, this year Harper will be going door to door in several Ottawa neighbourhoods, spreading recession-time cheer by handing out Easter goodies, such as dollar store chocolate and Canadian Tire money, in lieu of unemployment cheques.

April also brings the release of a new Harper action figure set to celebrate Harper's reign during the past six months (you can check out the previous figure, Election 08 Harper, here). As you can see, the Darth Harper figure clutches a Canadian flag in one hand and a chunk of Alberta tar sands earth in the other, the oil proceeds of which Harper hopes to use to fund creation of his Death Star. Statesman Harper (in full ceremonial garb) also grips a Canadian flag, which he can wave vigorously while proclaiming Canada's finances are sounder than any other country in the world. In the event the flag waving fails to placate Canadians, Harper can quickly don the sweater vest he holds in his other hand.

Recession Harper figure set available at toy stores across Canada

Recession Harper 12-inch figure set

* Recession Harper accessories sold separately:

Happy egg hunting, everybody! If Stephen happens to drop by your house with his basket of Easter goodies grab some of that Canadian Tire money for me, okay?
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