New I Know It's Over Reviews

New I Know It's Over Reviews

I Know It's Over (paperback)I haven't been very good at linking to reviews of I Know It's Over lately and I'm about to step back into revisions for The Lighter Side of Life and Death so the odds are I'll be remiss for the next little while too but before that happens here's a rundown of some fairly recent blog reviews of the book:

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You can currently win signed hardcovers of I Know It's Over at both Reader Rabbit and Books By Their Cover. And speaking of the hardcover, my editor sent along my first copy of the paperback the other day and I'm insanely fond of it. I'm starting to think I might even prefer it to the hardcover (but shhhh, don't let on to the hardcover, we don't want it feeling jealous).

Actually, it's not necessarily that I like the new cover better but just that I've had more time to get used to the old one (does that sound like I'm taking it for granted?). Also, my favourite colour has always been blue which gives the paperback an unfair advantage, along with the fact that it contains the first chapter of One Lonely Degree.

Anyway, not only will I have to stop blogging for the next little while, I'll also be putting aside my current reading material. I virtually always read one novel at a time but with the way things worked out it somehow happens that right now I'm in the middle of three different books—one of them manga, another a graphic novel and the third a contemporary YA novel.

Aya of Yop CitySolaninLeader of the Pack

And I'm really enjoying all of them so I'm not even sure which one to get back to first once I have a chance!
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