Where Is My Mind?

Where Is My Mind?

I was just doing some research for a blog appearance elsewhere and I ended up drifting off course on YouTube and watching The Frames rock The Pixies tune Where Is My Mind and now I'm just dying to see The Frames live again and can't think about anything else so that kind of backfired productivity-wise. Seriously, it's all about The Frames for me at this moment. So when Glen Hansard sings, "Where is my mind?" The answer = Frames.

But oh, well, what you really needed was a reminder just how much The Frames rock, right?

And if you can get through that Where Is My Mind cover without feeling the pull to see The Frames live (because not only are The Frames an awesome band they're an awesome live band) challenge yourself with their classic Revelate.

Does this mean we're through
Does this mean it's gone
I spent all day just to ponder the words
That I would write to you this day
But it's all too great, my revelate

Nope, I'm not getting a thing done tonight. I give up. Just going to watch Glen Hansard, Joe Doyle, Colm MacConIomaire, Rob Bochnik, and Johnny Boyle play like their lives depend on it and hope they'll show up in Toronto again soon.
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