Blue Rodeo @ the Molson Amphitheatre

Blue Rodeo @ the Molson Amphitheatre

Someone's posted a very cool medley of clips from the August 27th Toronto show on YouTube: Trust Yourself / This Town / Heart Like Mine / Head Over Heels / Lost Together / Hasn't Hit Me Yet / Til I Am Myself Again / Bad Timing.

You can catch a bit of Weakerthan's John K. Samson singing Lost Together with the band starting at the 3:36 mark and check out how hard the crowd's singing Hasn't Hit Me Yet at 5:14! The Hasn't Hit Me Yet singalong is always one of the coolest moments in a Blue Rodeo show.

I also wanted to include a tune from great opening band Weakerthans—I'll definitely be checking out more of their stuff. As you'll be able to tell if you watch this clip of the song One Great City (performed live in the Mean Fiddler in London) they're a Winnipeg band.

And below's the official video for their song Aside. Lead singer Samson has such a cool voice.

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