Blue Rodeo

Blue Rodeo

The first time I went to a Blue Rodeo gig was nineteen years ago at the ancient Ontario Place venue with the bleacher seats and revolving stage. I remember Greg Keelor reciting When You Are Old by William Butler Yeats. And I remember wishing the song Rose Coloured Glasses would never end.

I've lost track of how many Blue Rodeo concerts I've been to since that night (I try not to let more than a year go by without catching one) but Rose Coloured Glasses remains one of my BR favourites and I was very happy to see them perform it again last night at the Molson Amphitheatre show in Toronto. Even the stoic security guard standing near us sang along to this one!

There's a new double album from Blue Rodeo on the way at the end of October and the band performed six tracks from this upcoming work, which will likely be titled "All The Things We Left Behind." In the consistently fantastic concerts Blue Rodeo are known for there are always more highlights than I can name but one of my favourite moments last night was listening to opening band Weakerthan's John K. Samson sing a verse of BR classic Lost Together and then watching Jim Cuddy take John's camera and snap an onstage photo of him with Greg Keelor.

No YouTube footage from the show up at present but here's Rose Coloured Glasses performed live in 2007:

And Rose Coloured Glasses again, closer to when I first saw Blue Rodeo—this is live in Molson Park in Barrie back in 91:

Here's Blue Rodeo's U.S. television network debut on Late Night With David Letterman back in 1991:

And, finally, the official video for Lost Together. There's not a more romantic song on the planet.

August 27, Molson Amphitheatre Setlist
1. What am I Doing Here
2. Rain Down on Me
3. Blue House
4. 5 Days in May
5. C'mon
6. Don't Let the Darkness In Your Head (from the upcoming album)
7. Candice (from the upcoming album)
8. Rose Coloured Glasses
9. Gossip (from the upcoming album)
10. Photograph
11. Never Look Back (from the upcoming album)
12. Fools Like You
13. Trust Yourself
14. One Light Left In Heaven (from the upcoming album)
15. This Town
16. Heart Like Mine
17. One More Night (from the upcoming album)
18. Head Over Heels
19. Diamond Mine
20. Lost Together

Encore 1:
21. Hasn't Hit Me Yet
22. Try
23. Til I Am Myself Again

Encore 2:

24. Bad Timing

If you want to read me rave about Blue Rodeo some more you can find that here—my post-concert thoughts on the March 08 Massey Hall show (complete with pics).
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