The Dizzy Dancing Way You Feel

The Dizzy Dancing Way You Feel

Happy Groundhog Day! Apparently, Punxsutawney Phil has predicted another six weeks of winter but because so much of this winter thus far has felt distinctly April-like up here I can't really complain. Let winter roar or whisper, whichever it feels inclined to do I'm okay with at this point. Six weeks isn't long.

Since I last posted on the blog a synopsis for Yesterday has appeared on the Random House site so I've also added it here. I always find it both exciting and nerve-racking when the book I've been working on in my den begins to step out into the world. I want to show it off but shield it from danger and inclement weather at the same time. Yes, I am nothing if not conflicted!

Interestingly, I feel less protective the longer a book has been out there. So I don't worry about my first three books so much anymore (they're all grown up!) but I still feel protective of My Beating Teenage Heart. By the way, I found out that I Know It's Over made The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books February 2012 bulletin titled “Down and Dumped: A Heartbroken Dozen.” It's a Valentine's Day list for people looking to read about heartbroken protagonists and I Know It's Over is on there with lots of other great YA novels like The Boyfriend List, Audrey, Wait and Other Words for Love.

I also happen to be writing a book about love right now so I'm feeling by turns elated and raw. It's a total rollercoaster ride and there are a couple of lines from the Sam Roberts song Without A Map which sum up what I want this book to be:

“I surrender to the very mention of you/I hope I get to see you again.”

So in a way Sam Roberts is helping me write this book. And with that kind of help, I cannot fail!
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