Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

And in keeping with the holiday here are some of my favourite supernatural themed music videos.

I Want You, Cabaret Voltaire: Freaky

What's A Girl To Do, Bat For Lashes: Eerie

Weighty Ghost, Wintersleep: Sweet

Eye of The Tiger, Dean Winchester, Supernatural: Funny

Come To Daddy, Aphex Twin: Seriously Disturbing

Night Terror, Laura Marling: Creepy

I'm actually in the middle of a nonfiction book called How To Hunt Ghosts (by Joshua P. Warren). The writer's a ghost hunter himself and mentions that more ghost encounters seem to take place during cold, dry months—the time of year when there's also more static electricity. There's a theory that ghosts use electrical charges to manifest.

This means that in an attempt to maintain a respectful distance from ghosts I will not only avoid living in old houses (or other places where people have died) but that I will keep my living space filled with abundant amounts of moisture. If I come up with any other ghost-avoidance tips I'll pass them on. If you want to achieve the opposite, of course, you can always invert said advice but you'll probably end up with a lot of {ouch} electric shocks.

Happy Halloween
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