Montreal Days

Montreal Days

As promised, the first chapter of My Beating Teenage Heart is finally up! You can read it right here.

I was in Montreal last week and as usual the camera came along for the trip while my laptop stayed home. There were some signs of spring around the place (like the flowers in the below snap of old Montreal) but for the most part it was pretty chilly and overcast. One day we even had snow but fortunately there are plenty of great places to pop into to keep warm and dry

Springtime in Old Montreal? Not quite...

like the tropical rainforest section of the Biodome where I fell in love with the impossibly adorable capybaras.

Montreal Biodome: Capybara

I'm not sure whether you can get an accurate idea of their size from these photos but the capybara is the world's largest rodent (who knew?) and can grow up to 4.3 feet (130 centimetres) in height and weigh up to 140 lbs (65 kg).

Montreal Biodome: Capybara

There were plenty of other cool animals to discover at the Biodome ranging from colourful macaws to monkeys, a caiman, a lynx, four different types of penguins and poisonous frogs.

Montreal Biodome: Hyacinth Macaws

I was already in love with Archambault's flagship store (which carries books, CDs, DVDs, videogames, musical instruments and an extensive collection of sheet music) from previous visits but am also more than a little jealous that we don't have anything to match it in Toronto.

Flagship Archambault, St. Catherine Street

Behold the impressive sheet music floor of Archambault:

Sheet music section on the second floor of Archambault

I picked up some vinyl in Primitive Records on St. Denis too

Primitive Records, St. Denis

and had a look in several other Plateau area record stores,

Sonik record store, the Plateau, Montreal

Beatnick, St. Denis, Montreal

videostores (doesn't this one look cozy),

Plateau videostore, Montreal

and bookstore Renaud-Bray which is always doing something new and cool with this nook near the graphic novel section:

Renaud-Bray, St. Denis, Montreal

Speaking of bookshops, I stopped into the Paragraph bookstore across from McGill University where I visited with Courtney Summers' hauntingly grief drenched book Fall for Anything (if you want to read my thoughts on the novel, you can check them out in this December blog entry).

Fall for Anything, Paragraph, Montreal

Some other Plateau area sights:

Appartement St. Denis 4086

Khyber Pass restaurant, the Plateau

Spiderman mural around the back of  Plateaua area comic book store Millenium

Map with children's names on it.

Even the Easter bunnies in Ogilvy's were getting in on the Habs mania last week.

Ogilvy's Easter bunnies show their team spirit

Hanging out at the Musée des beaux-arts (Museum of Fine Arts), outside

C.K., Musée des beaux-arts

and in.

Musée des beaux-arts statue

Old Montreal statues and monuments:

Old Montreal

Old Montreal

Downtown Montreal:

Downtown Montreal

Some commentary scrawled on this Bloc Quebecois campaign poster:

Bloc Quebecois poster with Nada scrawled across it

And finally, I can't resist taking a picture of Le Château Apartments on Sherbrooke Street each and every time I visit Montreal. Built in the 1920's, it's one of the most gorgeous buildings I've ever laid eyes on.

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