New Stephen Harper Figure

New Stephen Harper Figure

The Canadian Federal Collectibles series has issued a new Stephen Harper action figure to represent this year's election campaign:

Election 11 Harper figure: complete with security fence, spare hair and face match software

As you can see the 2011 figure comes with a rolled security fence that can be erected to keep the press at a distance from campaigning Stephen (and which also harks back to the G20 Toronto Summit), a spare set of snap-on hair (in the unlikely event that Harper's gets mussed) and a package of face match software which allows Conservative henchman to scan the crowd at Harper campaign stops and turf those suspected of partisan leanings.

Limited quantities of the Election 08 Harper figure (featuring Stephen clutching a chunk of Tar Sands rock in one hand and the Canadian flag in the other) are still available from various vendors.

Election 08 Harper
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